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A Closer Look at Shardul Thakur’s Cricket Career


Shardul Thakur is a fast bowler who plays for India in Test, ODI, and T20I cricket. He has been performing consistently in all three formats and has been instrumental in the Indian team’s recent rise. Thakur appeared for India in his first international match in 2017 and has now played more than a hundred games for his country. The reason for this is that he can swerve a ball either side and has a talent for getting crucial wickets.

Thakur has 105 wickets at 28.74, which is an average in Test cricket. He took five-wicket hauls on seven instances and ten-wicket hauls on two instances. His best Test match bowling analysis of 7–61 came against South Africa in 2022. Thakur has 115 wickets in ODI cricket with an average of 33.2. He takes four-wicket hauls four times and five-wicket hauls one time. Thakur’s best ODI bowling figures of 4/25 came against the West Indies in 2022.

Thakur has 72 wickets in T20I cricket with an average of 23.22. He has taken four-wicket hauls three times and once a five-wicket haul. Thakur’s best ever T20I analysis of 4/8 came against Sri Lanka in 2022. Thakur played satta matka satta matka the winning Indian team in the 2021/22 ICC World Test Championship. He was instrumental in India’s win over New Zealand, claiming four wickets in the second inning.

Here is a closer look at Shardul Thakur’s cricket career, year by year: 


  • Test cricket: Thakur played his first Test match against South Africa in January 2017 and dismissed Faf du Plessis. He also played in the home Test series against Australia, where he managed four wickets in two games, which included getting the wicket of Steve Smith in both innings of the second Test.
  • ODI cricket: Thakur started his ODI career in a match played against the West Indies in June 2017, where he picked up three wickets, including that of Chris Gayle. He then featured in the backyard ODI series against Australia, making 2 wickets in 3 matches.


  • Test cricket: Thakur was a man of the year in 2018, finishing with 55 wickets at 26.47. He was instrumental in India’s series victories over Australia, South Africa, and England. He had gotten 7 wickets in the second Test against Australia, 8 wickets in the third Test against South Africa, and 6 wickets in the third Test versus England.
  • ODI cricket: Thakur had 15 wickets at an average of 28.60 in ODIs in 2018. He was instrumental in India’s series victory over Australia and the Asia Cup. He took 4 wickets in the third ODI against Australia and 3 wickets in the last of the Asia Cup against Bangladesh.


  • Test cricket: In 2019, Thakur was largely muted in Test cricket, grabbing 25 wickets at a rate of 32.56. He spent the majority of the year injured and did not play in the 2019 Cricket World Cup.
  • ODI cricket: Thakur had 10 wickets in the 2019 ODI with an average of 36.5. He featured in the local ODI series against Australia and the tour ODI series against New Zealand. In the second ODI against Australia, he took 3 wickets, and in the first ODI against New Zealand, he also took 3 wickets.


  • Test cricket: Thakur made a comeback from injury in 2020 and achieved 22 wickets in Test matches, having an average of 27.09. His contribution played a key role in India’s series win over Australia. He took seven wickets in the second test against Australia, and he got Tim Paine out in both innings.


  • Test cricket: Thakur excelled in 2021 with 202 wickets at an average of 22.90 per game in tests. He was instrumental in India taking the series from England and recently helped India win the 2021–22 ICC World Test Championship. He took seven wickets in the first test against England, six wickets in the second test against England, and five wickets in the 2021–22 ICC WTC vs. New Zealand.
  • ODI cricket: Thakur B finished the year with 33 wickets at an average of 25.52. He was instrumental in India’s victory over England in their recent series, as well as India’s win in last year’s T20 World Cup. He had a four-wicket haul in the second ODI against England and five wickets in the pool match of the 2021 T20 World Cup against Afghanistan.


  • Test cricket: Thakur has been reasonable with the ball in the Premier League matches, picking up 32 wickets at an average of 26.81. He was instrumental as Team India won the test series in Sri Lanka and the tour match series against South Africa, where he took 5 wickets in the first test against Sri Lanka as well as 6 wickets in the third test against South satta matka guessing.
  • ODI cricket: Thakur took 20 wickets at an average of 28.20 in ODIs. Thus, he was an asset in India’s triumphant series against the West Indies. Four wickets were attributed to him during the second meeting with the West Indies.

Thakur’s Cricket World Cup Record 

In the two Cricket World Cups, played in 2019 and 2023, Thakur has participated. He took four in the 2019 cricket world cup points table, and India was knocked out in the semifinals.

Thakur during the 2023 Cricket World Cup

Thakur is expected to form the backbone of India’s campaign in the 2023 World Cup. This is a fast bowler among the best in the world who can swing it in any direction. Thakur also provides useful batting support and scores crucial late-order runs.

Thakur might be India’s new-ball bowler for the world cup points table 2023. He will have Bumrah or Mohammed Shami as his partner. The first blow will be sent by Thakur, as he will be aiming to pick early wickets and put the opposition batsmen under pressure.

Thakur may also serve as an option, for he is also likely to be used as a bowler in the middle overs. This will make him a good bowler who uses seam and swing, which will be very useful for India. Thakur can also bowl Yorkers and make slower deliveries, which will make it harder to hit off him.

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