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Is There Any Other Alternate for a Woman Instead of Abortion?


Abortion decisions are complex, influenced by factors like health concerns, fetal anomalies, or unintended pregnancies. 

A few pro-life organizations, like Sanctity of Life, are doing a great job to protect the rights of the unborn.

Why does a woman prefer abortion?

The following are a few reasons why a woman often prefers to abort their unborn child.

  • Financial circumstances

Forty percent of study participants identified financial reasons for seeking abortion, citing general financial concerns or an inability to afford child support. 

Approximately 4% attributed their decision to lack of employment, while 0.6% mentioned terminating pregnancies due to a lack of insurance or government assistance.

  • Timing

Thirty-six percent of study participants identified timing-related reasons for their decisions, including feeling emotionally or financially unprepared for parenthood or perceiving themselves as too old to have a child.

  • Partner-related reasons

Nearly one-third (31%) of study participants cited reasons related to their partners. Issues included unstable relationships, lack of support, or an abusive partner. Additionally, around 8% desired marriage before having children, reflecting various partner-related considerations.

  • Other responsibilities

Approximately 29% of individuals cited the need to prioritize their existing children, expressing concerns about feeling overextended and overwhelmed by the prospect of having another child. 

Some also believed that the arrival of a new baby would negatively impact their other children and overall quality of life. 

Moreover, around 20% of respondents indicated that they opted for abortion due to concerns that the timing would impede their future educational and career pursuits.

  • Emotions and mental health

Nineteen percent of study participants cited emotional or mental unpreparedness for parenthood, citing concerns about lacking the mental capacity or stability needed to raise a child.

  • Inability to provide for a newborn

Approximately 12% of individuals opted for abortion due to a desire for a better life for the child, feeling inadequate to provide, while others cited an unsuitable housing situation for a baby.

  • Not mature enough for a baby

Just under 7% cited a lack of maturity or dependence on others, feeling too young and unprepared for parenthood. These factors contributed to their decision to pursue abortion.

  • Pressure from family or friends

Roughly 5% of individuals attributed their decision to have an abortion to the influence of family and friends. 

They expressed concerns about the potential strain a child might place on their family dynamics and also feared facing judgment from others. 

Additionally, certain individuals opted for abortion due to the fear of disclosing their pregnancy to their parents, while a smaller subset felt pressured by their families to terminate the pregnancy.

Women can consider offering for adoption

Many organizations are trying to protect the rights of unborn children, and Sanctity of Life is one such organization that is doing a commendable job. 

There are several reasons why women may be compelled to take the harsh decision of aborting their child. 

However, suppose a woman wants to seek support from such organizations, then she must explore their efforts in facilitating child adoption and try to gain insights into how these groups contribute to ensuring a promising future for their children.

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